by: Bella, Gideon (Tel Aviv U.) et al.

This is a technical document that provides supporting information and details of the publicly available code used for the preparation of the analysis for preprint '{\it A search for heavy Kaluza-Klein electroweak gauge bosons at the LHC}' (submitted to JHEP). The {\sc Moses} C++ framework is a project written for probing and developing new models for High Energy Physics processes which allows complete events to be simulated by interface with the standard simulation program Pythia8. This paper demonstrates the usage of {\sc Moses} in a study of the nature of Kaluza-Klein (KK) excitations in a specific model where the SU(2) \times U(1) gauge fields can exist in a single Extra Dimension (ED) compactified on a $S^1/Z_2$ orbifold, while the matter fermions and SU(3) gauge fields are localized in the 3d-brane. Using this framework, the events have been fully simulated at hadron level including initial and final state radiation. The study of particle decays was used to develop a method to distinguish between this Kaluza-Klein model and processes with similar final states. As a consequence, the possibility of observing and identifying a signal of the first excited KK state of the $\gamma/Z^0$ bosons in the LHC is also discussed.
Publ date: 
Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 23:00