Sherpa is a fully-fledged event generator comprising solutions to all aspects of event simulation. Its hallmark feature is the automated merging of leading-order matrix elements for multijet production with parton showers, provided by two independent matrix element generators for large final state multiplicities in various models, and interfaced to an automated Feynman rule generator. It also provides an automated method to treat the infrared divergent structures emerging in NLO QCD corrections, which is being used for state-of-the-art NLO calculations. First steps towards a truly automated version of the matching of parton showers with NLO matrix elements have met success - Sherpa by now includes all methods necessary to perform such a matching within the Powheg formalism, tested in a large range of processes. At the same time various theoretical problems with both the Powheg and the MC@NLO method have been found, which led the authors to concentrate on the further development of MC@NLO methods alone.



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